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Producer/Mix/Mastering Engineer

Cagan is a sound engineer who records and mixes albums. In addition to that, he does FOH engineering for others ranging from high-profile artists to start-up bands, from local jazz clubs to major festivals all around the world. He’s also the founder of Istanbul-based Noiseist Music Production Company.

The Noisiest label, which has been actively running since 2009, aims to create a sincere and independent environment for alternative musicians, letting them freely express their music and be heard both in the studio and around the world. 

Throughout his career, Cagan Tunali has recorded/mixed thousands of songs, albums, and countless concerts while also producing and supporting various local indie bands. He also teaches at universities and other institutions while giving as many workshops as possible whenever he has free time. In this way, he’s been keeping the spirit of rock ’n’ roll alive with a combination of great work and discipline for many years now, though he says this is only the beginning of his journey.


Music is the Journey

  • Cagan Tunalı started his professional music career in 2004, made more than 400 albums in his career, and took part in the production phase of hundreds of songs. 

  • In 2008, he was awarded “The A.E.S Turkey Student Union Best Sound Engineer” award.

  • In 2009, he founded a music production and record company called Noiseist.

  • In addition to his mixing & mastering engineer identity, Cagan Tunalı released songs with his signature as a producer, they’ve been listened in many countries. 

  • He also gives lectures about music technology in Turkey's leading music schools and organizes workshops attended by many professionals. 

His background as a sound engineer adds many elements of perspective and dimension to his tracks where his musician background catches the warmth and sincerity and leads him to produce electronic music with both futuristic and heart felt tones.

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